Pay Per Click Service

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Pay Per Click Service

PPC - Pay-Per-Click is basically an internet marketing structure in which advertiser or promoter of the organization pays for that whenevera new visitor clicks on their add. It’s a way to generate more online leads, sales and traffic on your website for better promotion worldwide.

As the internet marketing is becoming a must do job for all new and established businesses the concept of PAY PER CLICK (PPC) is evolving greatly. Almost everyone who is interested in search engine optimization (SEO) will go for PPC campaigns. The concept of landing page is no alien now, having a landing page for PPC advertisements has proven more cost effective for the users and thus even the giants in the business are using landing pages to run their PPC campaigns.

Creating an attractive cost effective PPC strategy is not easy with so much competition going on for the same keywords; this is the reason why people are nowadays opting to consult the PPC professionals before going live with their PPC advertisements. To have a cost effective PPC marketing and to have good lead generation you must follow a PPC campaign cycle. A PPC cycle is not just a set of few steps but it is actually an implementation strategy that can increase your lead generation by more than 80 percent.

Init SEO’s PPC Strategies (As per Google’s Guidelines):
  • Keyword Research
  • Planning the right keywords
  • Writing Targeted Ads
  • Collecting the Negative Keywords
  • Maintaining the budget amount
Our Process:

The first and the most important task is keyword selection, this is the planning phase. Here our PPC experts search for relevant keywords that best suits your content and we make sure that the most searched unique keywords to rank higher in Google. Next we make creatively written titles to enhance your conversion rate.

Once we created a PPC service page with unique and valid keywords then we regularly analyzing your campaign, creatively testing your landing page that will improve your PPC campaign marketing substantially, a good PPC page will not only contain good keywords but it will also have unique attractive description with the repletion of the main keywords. Having back links and good rebound ratio will give your PPC campaign a great boost as Google put a lot of weight on back links when it ranks your page. It is important to understand that only good keywords and title tag will not lead to successful campaign but where the user lands plays the most significant part in maximizing the desired output.

Make an intelligent option hire our professional PPC management services. We will do the best keywords selection and will track the campaign for better conversion.

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